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15 Sep

Hi everyone, because I am not updating this blog as frequently as before, I want to let you know my health & beauty articles are still published often on DG does not yet have a feature to search for specific writers, but if you Google my full name + Daily Glow, you will find many of the articles that way.

I am currently working on a new project, my first novel, about a young woman’s experiences in Hawaii. The book is in its first stages, but some of the themes it will include are Hawaiian culture including myths, legends, ghosts, and gods. The story will also deal with relationships, grief, and self-discovery.

If you’d like, come on over to the blog and check it out at And please let me know what you’re up to…


Amy Joy


Amy Winehouse beauty lives on

29 Feb

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry is channeling the ImageAmy Winehouse look. Find out how to get this hot, current look.

Charmed life: Fresh-faced travel

29 Feb

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda KerrImage understands how to keep skin dewy and fresh while traveling. How does she do it?

Summer! Snow White on her way

24 Feb

I cannot wait to see Charlize Theron as an evil queen. Action and beauty go together in this movie… Find out about the latest photo of Kristen Stewart and her fresh-faced look, released from the upcoming film.

‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev goes vegas cowgirl in Nylon

24 Feb

vampire diariesUp-and-coming Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena on The Vampire Diaries, does an updated cowgirl look on the cover of Nylon. What was her look?

Life after rehab

31 Jan

Demi Lovato suffered with eating disorders and depression and anxiety. What’s she doing to practice self-care now that she’s out of rehab?

Miranda Kerr plays Wonder Woman

29 Jan

Check out how Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr rocked a Wonder Woman look on the cover of Grazia.

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